Sending Apprentices To America

James Hetfield CEO of Cornwall Builders explains why his company have decided to use the Jobs America scheme

Young people who have the tenacity to fly overseas to work will usually always turn into the most skilled builders we employ.

We think sending apprentices to America to work on the construction sites there is a massive bonus for their development.In order to become skilled and versatile in the building profession, getting to the states gives you that new experience. The building and construction industry requires a dynamic and multi skilled worker. Whether you are extending, renovating or doing a new build home for a developer, the amount of trades or “skills” to complete a job stacks up.

You might want to become a  bricklayer, a plasterer, build structural commercial buildings, become a roofer or home remodeling and refurbishments. The better aware you become, the more situations you have built and worked in and problem solved, the more valuable to an employer you will be.When I am selecting a new recruit for our company its is the experience, not the qualifications which are most important to me

Different Building techniques improves knowledge

Houses and buildings are created differently in the USA, construction processes are performed in multiple ways. Different products and materials are used and can be sourced in a new way to here in the UK.

“Getting involved with these different processes and learning how it is done in a different way to what is standard in the U.K, this will turn you into a better builder, a better roofer or a great plasterer, instead of just average like every other young recruit in our industry.”

Our apprentices have come back better builders after working in America, they have thoroughly enjoyed the work, and of course there is a chance to travel and have fun over there as well! Cornwall Builders is one of the leading building companies in our region because of the diversity and experience of our workforce.