New Jobs Advertised

We have just launched our latest set of availability for American based construction jobs. For anybody wanting to have a year out or even emigrate over to the US then please do visit our contact page and let us know who you are and what skills you have.

There are a variety of skills that will be considered and we are only too happy to interview each candidate on merit and match you with an appropriate employer. There will be self employed positions as well as full packages offering a salary, car and accommodation.

We are also looking for mechanics, Plumbers, Bricklayers, electricians and general builders. We would love to hear your experience and help to change your life. Lots of positions available i the sunny states of California and Arizona so if you are looking to escape the winter misery of the UK then now is your chance to make it happen.

We have so many testimonials from workers who have gone to America with us and some of them never come back, we can provide you with the stepping stone you need!!!